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Are you an insurance adjuster, and deal with motorcycles once in a while? Contact us now! We will save your company thousands per year!

Was your bike involved in an accident and the insurance company is totaling it out/picking it up?  We MAY be able to help, and put EXTRA CASH in your pocket!   We may be able to talk to them directly with your consent and make them an offer which will benefit you as well as we do pay a finders fee.   You can also ask them what they are willing to sell it back to you for, and in most cases we will buy it and put extra cash in your pocket!



Are you a retail dealer who runs across damaged motorcycles? Refer them to us and we will pay a finders fee! Contact us today!

We purchase motorcycles with many different types of paperwork, including LIEN SALE PAPERWORK, if you purchase motorcycles from tow yards, or with this type of paperwork, NO PROBLEM! We are interested! Please contact us today as we are looking to create a mutual business relationship!



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